Monday, 3 December 2012

Lancia Aurelia B20GT - The Italian renaissance

A PERSONAL MOTORING MISSION is always an exciting adventure, especially when it covers some 850 miles through Europe. This particular adventure involved brothers Jonathan and Simon Connolly and their second cousin, Anthony Hussey... and me. Of course, the heroes of this road trip were the two Lancia Aurelias: Jonathan's 1953 Third Series Aurelia B20GT and Anthony's 1955 B24 Spider. Both are extremely rare cars. Only 3424 GTs were produced from '53 to '58; Spiders were even fewer at 240, of which only 59 were right-hand drive - so not many examples about, then. But I was fortunate to have been invited along because, 35 years ago, I owned a 1953 Aurelia B20GT, also painted red! My father then owned an Aurelia Spider, almost identical to Anthony's, and Jonathan, Anthony and I have become firm Aurelia friends.

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