Monday, 3 December 2012

11.6 inches Acer Ferrari Notebook Review

Speaking of Ferrari we think of an F1 car, its surging power of our deepest impression. Speaking of Ferrari notebooks, a friend familiar with the notebook will immediately think of the notebook models Acer introduced the Ferrari theme. Since 2003, Acer Ferrari's official product supplier, smooth as the first board of science and technology of the Ferrari brand, and use the brand Acer introduced a number of IT products around. Launched the first generation of Ferrari F3000 from 2004 up to now has launched a six-generation Ferrari notebook, the introduction of each generation are full of Aspect, but because of the cost has been, it did not necessarily draw a large audience to become the monopoly of a few, and the new Ferrari One launch is also expected to change this embarrassing deadlock, brand new Ferrari One features a new 11-inch mold, using a change before AMD's new ultra-thin platform models of defects in the weight and power consumption , the price dropped by more than million before the current price of 7399 yuan space, lower prices also mean that other aspects of the shrinking, what Ferrari One difference which? The following evaluation article will Secret!

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