Monday, 3 December 2012

Best Honda Cars at Lynnwood Honda Dealer

The Lynnwood Honda dealer has all the amazing models of all the latest Honda cars. Honda is one of the most popular auto brands in the United States of America. In a country where all the major auto companies have a huge presence, they have successfully made a good name for themselves, as they have some popular models that have become household names. Today, Honda is one of the big players in the US market and people eagerly await the launch of their new cars.

One of the most popular Honda car in the US is the Civic Hybrid. The hybrid market here is probably the most developed markets, as most auto manufacturers have hybrid models launched here. The presence of hybrid cars in other countries is quite less, and hence, they focus on the US market more. Despite such tough competition, the Civic's hybrid model came out on top. The main reason is Honda's superior engineering. This hybrid model delivers great fuel efficiency and low pollution without compromising on the speed of the vehicle. Most hybrid cars are slow but not the Civic Hybrid.
Another unique vehicle that Honda have launched is the Honda Civic NGV. NGV stands for Natural Gas Vehicle. This car does not run on regular gasoline; hence, this car does not cause much pollution. The Civic NGV also has won many environmental awards. In fact, your are even allowed to drive in the carpool lane with this vehicle, all you need is a HOV decal. Although the performance varies due to usage, this car gives a mileage of 38 mpg. This is another sure-fire winner from Honda.

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