Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kia looks to buff image with value, new designs

At the 800-acre Kia Motors plant in this coastal city overlooking the Yellow Sea, there is scant evidence of the tumultuous past that almost killed the company. Workers, who routinely took to the streets a decade ago to seek job protection and to protest management decisions, now break for soccer matches on three artificial-turf fields. Dorms provide lodging for unmarried employees. A company hospital and fire station are just a few steps from the factory entrance. Inside, an employee cafĂ© sits at the center of the factory floor. Parts of Kia's largest plant seem almost idle — until you follow the loud whirring noises coming from behind glass walls where robots weld, coat and mount parts around the clock. With a mollified workforce and enhanced automation, the Hwasung plant is running at full capacity: It built 547,000 vehicles last year to meet growing global demand. South Korea's Kia has flourished through the recent years of industry turmoil, thanks to initiatives begun in 2005 to turn around a reputation for cheap cars of dubious reliability and create a lineup of quality vehicles with cutting-edge design.

Skoda is all set to launch its new crossover Skoda Fabia Scout

There surely is a good scope for hatchback cars in India. German luxury car manufacturing company Skoda is now all set to launch its crossover version of its hatchback car, the all new Skoda Fabia Scout mini crossover. This is a mini crossover car which will be launching this season. The all new Skoda Fabia Scout was spotted while its test driving and it is expected that this all new Skoda Fabia Scout will be launched in August this year. Till now there is no information about the Skoda Fabia Scout Price it will be revealed on its launch only. This mini crossover car is just the remake of Skoda Fabia the hatchback this mini crossover will be built on the platform of the hatchback car Skoda Fabia. According to the Skoda Fabia Sout review it is said that the new Skoda Fabia scout will be having the bigger engine as compared to the hatchback version Skoda Fabia, according to the rumors it is said that this new crossover Skoda Fabia Scout will be coming in both the petrol and diesel variant, this car will be equipped with the 1.6 litre engine in both the petrol and diesel variant, this is just the speculation there is no such official announcement from the side of Skoda India till now.

Introducing The Bmw M Power

Lauderdale BMW of Ft. Lauderdale, a leading BMW car dealer Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, is proud to inform you of yet another innovation from BMW. If a customer is driving his BMW and would like to measure the car’s acceleration, he can do so through a new application called BMW M Power which can be used through an iPhone and iPod Touch. The application will also work in non-BMW cars. BMW M Power can report the vehicle’s current speed, acceleration in Gs, elapsed time taken to reach a certain speed, or time taken to cover a certain distance. The software uses the device’s built-in accelerometer to measure acceleration and thus calculate speed. The M Power application and three custom “skins” can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or through BMW’s website.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Toyota new wallpaper

11.6 inches Acer Ferrari Notebook Review

Speaking of Ferrari we think of an F1 car, its surging power of our deepest impression. Speaking of Ferrari notebooks, a friend familiar with the notebook will immediately think of the notebook models Acer introduced the Ferrari theme. Since 2003, Acer Ferrari's official product supplier, smooth as the first board of science and technology of the Ferrari brand, and use the brand Acer introduced a number of IT products around. Launched the first generation of Ferrari F3000 from 2004 up to now has launched a six-generation Ferrari notebook, the introduction of each generation are full of Aspect, but because of the cost has been, it did not necessarily draw a large audience to become the monopoly of a few, and the new Ferrari One launch is also expected to change this embarrassing deadlock, brand new Ferrari One features a new 11-inch mold, using a change before AMD's new ultra-thin platform models of defects in the weight and power consumption , the price dropped by more than million before the current price of 7399 yuan space, lower prices also mean that other aspects of the shrinking, what Ferrari One difference which? The following evaluation article will Secret!

Lancia Aurelia B20GT - The Italian renaissance

A PERSONAL MOTORING MISSION is always an exciting adventure, especially when it covers some 850 miles through Europe. This particular adventure involved brothers Jonathan and Simon Connolly and their second cousin, Anthony Hussey... and me. Of course, the heroes of this road trip were the two Lancia Aurelias: Jonathan's 1953 Third Series Aurelia B20GT and Anthony's 1955 B24 Spider. Both are extremely rare cars. Only 3424 GTs were produced from '53 to '58; Spiders were even fewer at 240, of which only 59 were right-hand drive - so not many examples about, then. But I was fortunate to have been invited along because, 35 years ago, I owned a 1953 Aurelia B20GT, also painted red! My father then owned an Aurelia Spider, almost identical to Anthony's, and Jonathan, Anthony and I have become firm Aurelia friends.

jupiter Dodge new

Jupiter Dodge is conveniently located at 1555 West Indiantown Road Jupiter, FL 33458. We serve our customers who reside in and around surrounding places such as Wellington, Ft. Lauderdale, Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Okeechobee, Coral Springs, Belle Glade, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, Stuart, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, Lake Worth, Delray and others.

Sandberg Volvo pic

Sandberg Volvo Northwest - smart fortwo Passion After years of serving as frugal, park-it-anywhere transportation for a million Europeans (and Canadians), the Smart Fortwo has finally made it to the United States. Measuring more than 3 feet shorter than a Mini Cooper and rated at 36 mpg (combined city and highway), the Smart would seem ideal for urbanites looking for the perfect commuter car. But all things considered, is the Smart car the smartest choice?

Challenging World's Best Lexus IS 200

Numerous factors contributed to the launch of Lexus; among the most eminent ones was Honda's launch of Acura and export restrictions by US on main stream Japanese automakers. Coupled with Toyota's vision of challenging the best in the world lead them to initiate F1 project, which paved the way for very first Lexus, LS 400, in 1989. Careful brand placement and immense focus on customer satisfaction made Lexus an instant an instant hit. Cadillac, Mercedes and BMW's sales dropped heavily in US market as LS400 was cheaper yet better equipped and reliable compared to its competition. BMW accused Lexus of aggressive pricing but it was $1 billion of investment, extensive market research, over 450 prototypes and efforts of thousands of mechanics and engineers that pushed the brand to extreme heights.

Amazing Incentives On 2010 Ford Cars At Sunnyvale Ford

There are truly some great offers that are solely intended to benefit the consumers on a large scale. Ford is one among them. Sunnyvale Ford, a leading Ford dealership in Sunnyvale ,California (CA), is providing no-nonsense, hassle-free incentives on new Ford cars. The premier Ford dealership also takes pleasure informing that Ford’s iconic Fusion Hybrid has been named one of the Ten Best Cars for 2010 by, a leading and trusted automobile magazine.

Best Honda Cars at Lynnwood Honda Dealer

The Lynnwood Honda dealer has all the amazing models of all the latest Honda cars. Honda is one of the most popular auto brands in the United States of America. In a country where all the major auto companies have a huge presence, they have successfully made a good name for themselves, as they have some popular models that have become household names. Today, Honda is one of the big players in the US market and people eagerly await the launch of their new cars.

One of the most popular Honda car in the US is the Civic Hybrid. The hybrid market here is probably the most developed markets, as most auto manufacturers have hybrid models launched here. The presence of hybrid cars in other countries is quite less, and hence, they focus on the US market more. Despite such tough competition, the Civic's hybrid model came out on top. The main reason is Honda's superior engineering. This hybrid model delivers great fuel efficiency and low pollution without compromising on the speed of the vehicle. Most hybrid cars are slow but not the Civic Hybrid.
Another unique vehicle that Honda have launched is the Honda Civic NGV. NGV stands for Natural Gas Vehicle. This car does not run on regular gasoline; hence, this car does not cause much pollution. The Civic NGV also has won many environmental awards. In fact, your are even allowed to drive in the carpool lane with this vehicle, all you need is a HOV decal. Although the performance varies due to usage, this car gives a mileage of 38 mpg. This is another sure-fire winner from Honda.