Monday, 3 December 2012

Challenging World's Best Lexus IS 200

Numerous factors contributed to the launch of Lexus; among the most eminent ones was Honda's launch of Acura and export restrictions by US on main stream Japanese automakers. Coupled with Toyota's vision of challenging the best in the world lead them to initiate F1 project, which paved the way for very first Lexus, LS 400, in 1989. Careful brand placement and immense focus on customer satisfaction made Lexus an instant an instant hit. Cadillac, Mercedes and BMW's sales dropped heavily in US market as LS400 was cheaper yet better equipped and reliable compared to its competition. BMW accused Lexus of aggressive pricing but it was $1 billion of investment, extensive market research, over 450 prototypes and efforts of thousands of mechanics and engineers that pushed the brand to extreme heights.

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