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Ford Escape has one of the best

Since its introduction, the Ford Escape has one of the best-selling small SUV in the United States. Considering the number of vehicles in this segment (founded many of them even before the publication of the flight) are available, this may surprise a little. "But Ford has a knack for designing sharp SUV, aimed at a broad spectrum of buyers.

2012 Ford Escape

To escape with, Ford is able to match the style and ability to drive the four wheels of a traditional SUV with the three-dimensional characteristics, practicality and driving a midsize car. For the city dweller needs something comfortable, versatile ride, fun and able to shed some light off-road or tow, which fit perfectly. Of course, the flight of lower prices has undoubtedly improves its appeal.

2012 Ford Escape

Despite these attributes apply even today, you can not deny that the basic design of the Ford Escape is always a little "old, with a significant refresh for the year 2008. The interior has received significant improvements particularly with better materials and a stylish appearance . In any case, the leak is at a disadvantage for the new compact SUV that is smarter and more rewarding driving experience.

Actual Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a compact four-door SUV. Thanks to its light four-wheel independent suspension and unibody construction, is better suited for off-road driving. The basic structure was solved with the help of the Mazda Tribute, which is very similar to the leak has been developed. The Mercury Mountaineer is nearly identical to the flight and differs mainly on a few different features and details of interior and exterior design.

2012 Ford Escape

The exhaust is available in three trim levels: XLS, XLT and Limited. Standard equipment on the XLS includes 16-inch wheels, alloy wheels, accessories for power, cruise control, climate control, stability control and ABS brakes. The XLT adds automatic headlights, auto-dimming interior mirror and driver's seat. The list of features of the XLT adds to the limited flight leather upholstery, heated front seats and Ford Sync. The main options, depending on the surface are dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, sunroof quality stereo, a navigation system and an automatic parking system in parallel.

2012 Ford Escape

All levels of hardware, have the front-or all-wheel drive. All but the Limited comes with a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 171 hp. A five-speed manual transmission (XLS only) or a six-speed automatic transmission. Standard on Limited and optional on the XLT is a 240-hp 3.0-liter V6. A six-speed automatic transmission with the V6 is lonely. A special version of the tracking is the Escape Hybrid, a gasoline / electric provides the best fuel efficiency of an SUV.

2012 Ford Escape

A distinction is made in reviews, we found a flight through the collection of high-tech performance and full of life. The disadvantages are poor performance brakes, the rear seats a sometimes awkward and a little dated "feel compared to some of its newer competitors. But the latest Ford Escape worth a visit for those interested in is a small, crossover SUV.

Interior Ford Escape 2012.

2012 Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape

Ford Escape Models

The latest Ford Escape has redesigned for 2008, although at the time were limited changes to the interior and exterior decoration. The body in the last Ford design themes seen on the edge and shipping. The new look of the cabin was more modern than before, with more ergonomic controls and attractive. The '08 model nor the 153-hp four-cylinder 200-hp V6 engine, four-speed automatic transmission with both. The 171-hp four-cylinder and V6 with 240 hp and the subsequent transfer began in 2009. Some new features have, including the service area of ​​the parallel system for the year 2010 has been recorded.

2012 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape was introduced in 2001, and its exterior and interior design is essentially unchanged from '07. The trim was first in XLS, XLT and XLT Sport, which connected the limited leather cover for a few years later. Ford Escapes have been equipped with a database engine and not anemic - four 2.0-liter 130 hp make it - until '05, when it by a 2.3-liter four-cylinder that made 153 hp was replaced. This first generation of escape also offers an optional V6 engine that makes 200 hp. Despite the four-cylinder has a five-speed manual transmission, most had an optional four-speed automatic that is standard on the V6 was.

2012 Ford Escape

Considering how many of these leaks have been sold, buyers should have plenty of opportunities to be challenging and are used to a model that suits them. Escape from the first year was overshadowed by the numerous recall notices. Although it is likely to resolve at this point, with a 2002 or newer model will probably be a good idea. Potential buyers of the first generation of escape should be noted that the interior materials of poor quality, cheap plastic, are difficult to be everywhere.

2012 Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape

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Honda Accord 2013 cars all

Accord Coupe Interior

Accord Coupe interior have a soft seat and big stylish in his own style.I like it so much,if you are like it so give your question and let me know about to your experience.Thanks for like it.

Accord Coupe 2010

Accord Coupe

Accord Coupe is very stylish and awesome cars in the world top list.My new cars all related with Honda and Accord companies.I want to buying some new cars for my workshop workers because I have got a worker man that have a big talent in the cars preparing.If I make this car in my own hand so I give you more information about my skill in cars preparing.If you are like my blog so give your comments and let me know.Thanks for like it and comments.

Accord Coupe Best And New Car
Accord Coupe Double And New Car Picture
Accord Coupe New Car Photo
Accord Coupe best Style Car
Accord Honda Blue Car
Accord Blue Awesome Car Picture

Accord India

Accord Wallpaper
Accord Wallpaper White Color Call
Accord Wallpaper
Accord Best Car
Accord Blue Car Wallpaper

Honda Accord 2013

Honda Accord 2013 will be bring awesome and latest style for new generation.Every men especially coming the new accord in 2013 will bring a big new for every company.About two year early my father had a big new car that related with Honda Accord.Accord made a big and small both.If you want buying new cars so you may contact with me and know every information about my cars that I want to buying.Thanks for like it.

Honda Accord Red Color looking very good
Honda Accord New Style
Honda Accord In latest and Beautiful Updates
Beautiful and Good Car

Honda Accord Red Shining Car

Accord Cars have been updates for new years.Last year I give a big wealth in advance for buying the Accord cars.In these days here a very big demand of Accord.My big shopkeeper give some advise for about the business because I am new man in car business.Accord have been updates for current generation because in these age I think half percent peoples here in my country like so much accord.Every new generation and every where like it so much.If you like these cars so give your way and let me know.Thanks for like it.

Accord Car New Black Style
Accord White Car Awesome
Accord Interior Photo
Accord Black New style Car