Sunday, 20 May 2012

ABT word for the regular clerical title

Abt, a German, Dutch and Estonian word for the regular clerical title of Abbot, as well as a common surname, derived from that title
Alexander Abt (born 1976, Russian figure skater and coach
Carl Roman Abt (1850–1933), Swiss mechanical engineer who invented the Abt rack system for rack railways
Christian Abt (born 1967), German racing driver
Daniel Abt (born 1992), German racing driver
Franz Wilhelm Abt (1819–1885), German composer
Gudrun Abt (born 1962), German athlete
Hans-Jürgen Abt, German race team manager
John Abt (1904–1991), American lawyer and politician
Karl Friedrich Abt (1733–1783), German actor
Abt Sportsline, German tuning company and racing team of Christian and Hans-Jürgen
Abt rack system, Swiss rack systems for hauling trains up steep inclines
Abt Electronics, American electronics and appliance retailer
Analytical Base table, Database table, used for data analytics.


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